Whether you need a secure self service kiosk or a mobile assisted selling tool, Bouncepad's secure tablet enclosures will get your tablets retail ready.
Bouncepad Flex
The Bouncepad Flex offers a full range of movement allowing it to be displayed and used at any angle. Made of tough metal alloys, the stalk is engineered so that it won’t get into a twist. Once flexed into position, the case stays put.
Bouncepad Flip
The Bouncepad Flip tablet and iPad POS stand sits elegantly and securely on your counter top: the perfect solution for point of sale applications. Use your Bouncepad Flip to process payments in-store or register visitors at reception desks.
Bouncepad Floor Flex
Sit back, relax and view your tablet at any angle without the need for additional furniture or fittings. With a rock solid base and bendable gooseneck, this adjustable tablet and iPad floor stand makes an elegant addition to casual environments from lounges and lobbies to libraries.
Bouncepad Floor Standing
The Bouncepad Floorstanding is the ultimate portable iPad kiosk stand for exhibitions, events and retail environments. Its solid base lets you display your tablet cable free for an elegant standalone display, without the need for furniture or fittings.
Bouncepad Lounge
Pick it up, sit it on your lap, pass it to a friend. This tablet and iPad enclosure is lightweight and designed for easy, relaxed interaction in casual settings such as waiting rooms, airport lounges, bars or hotel lobbies.
Bouncepad Rail
The Bouncepad Rail secure tablet and iPad bracket allows you to optimise your space by utilising existing railings as a mounting surface. Immerse users in a wrap-around digital installation or place single units in key locations such as service counters.

Minimum order quantity applies. Contact our client services team for details.
Bouncepad Wall Mount
This tablet and iPad wall mount allows you to securely install a tablet onto a vertical surface, and is angled for an excellent view at eye level.
Bouncepad Vesa
This simple, elegant tablet and iPad wall bracket allows you to achieve a flat iPad display perfect for seamless digital signage and environment control applications.
Bounepad Static 60°
Static 60° tablet and iPad kiosk stands are perfect for displaying content at a distance or on raised platforms. Acting as a powerful focal point, bright and interactive content will easily attract passers-by.
Bouncepad Desk
The Bouncepad Desk tablet and iPad kiosk is designed to lie low on your surface, giving a seamless finish whilst displaying content at an angle that provides easy interaction for users.
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Bouncepad's Secure Tablet Enclosure Range

Optional Extra's
If you don’t want your Bouncepad stuck in portrait or landscape orientation, add the Switch to change between both with a smooth click.
If your chosen Bouncepad is static but you want to prevent screen glare or have the freedom to change the viewing angle, you need the Tilt. This is ideal for locations with bright overhead lighting, such as retail outlets and airports.
Bouncepads configured with the Rotate work well for group content sharing, for example allowing shoppers to easily get a second opinion from companions.
Freestanding Base
No drilling holes in your furniture! The Freestanding Base allows any desk mounted Bouncepad to be installed without the need for power tools. Weighing in at 2.5kg, the Freestanding Base feels stable yet is easy to move around.
Rear Camera Exposure
Unlock the potential of the rear-facing camera on your tablet by having your Bouncepad configured with Rear Camera Exposure.
Chip and Pin Cradle
This is the perfect way to store and present Bluetooth Chip & Pin readers such as PayPal Here and Magtek DynaPro Mini. The Chip & Pin Cradle rests on four rubber bumpers, making it freestanding and stable without the need for fixing down.
Magtek Card Reader
The MagTek uDynamo Card Reader Mount secures your uDynamo card reader seamlessly to the Bouncepad case, making your tablet fit for mag-strip card based applications including self-payment terminals and gym check-in kiosks.
Branding Board
Ensure your Bouncepad Floor standing gets noticed with a boldly designed Branding Board.
Custom Colours
Add a splash of colour to your branded environment with a custom finished Bouncepad. Minimum order quantity applies.
Faceplate Branding
Make your Bouncepad iPad kiosk truly unique by branding it with your logo, product names or graphics. You provide the artwork based on a template and we apply it to the faceplate, using Digital Printing.
MFI Approved 2m Lighting Cable
The MFi-approved 2m right-angled lightning cable has been specifically designed for optimum fit inside Bouncepad cases.
Headphone Hanger
Turn your Bouncepad into a listening post. With the Headphone Hanger you’ll create a beautifully neat iPad floor stand with sound.
Audio Port
Let your tablet do the talking with the 3.5mm Audio Port. The Audio Port is positioned on the outside of the Bouncepad case, allowing you to connect headphones or speakers to your iPad and make your Bouncepad installation even more multisensory.
Carry Case
Transport your Bouncepad Floorstanding in style with the Floor standing Carry Case.

Minimum order quantity applies. Contact our client services team for details.
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