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While the team packed an exhibition stand to go setup at the Durban International Conference center we couldn't think of a better post to feature than the RELOAD Maze we custom built at the 2015 Rage Festival.

The ability to tell a story that connects in a deep and personal way requires an immersive approach which is what we provide at The Production Shop. Our client from G&G Productions brought a Maze design to the table which was to be built and include memorable experiences through branded and decorated passages and ended at the entrance to a ‘Silent Disco’ tent. Tungsten redesigned the Maze, did the math’s and added our creative touch before sourcing the materials, packing our tools and heading to Durban for Rage Festival 2015 with RELOAD Red Square. At the same festival We also produced a stand for Cell C, a mobile Pop-up Shop and multi smart phone Charging Station's for Samsung.

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