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Nike Cortez @ The Ticketpro Dome

Nike Cortez, as a co-sponsor of Castle Lite “Unlocks Event” @ The Ticketpro Dome, was awesomely displayed, detailing the beauty of the Cortez sneaker. Cortez, named the first official track shoe, has been redesigned numerous times over the past 20 years evolving into a lifestyle shoe, was the go-to sneaker for the streets of Los Angeles, South Central city of Compton during the ‘80s and ‘90s especially in the Latin American and hip-hop community.

To display this iconic, lightweight sneaker jewel, Tungsten was commissioned by our partners Witch & Wizard for Nike to design an illuminated display, showcasing hanging Cortez versions, a 14m lightbox bearing the #Cortez.SinceDayOne slogan and a genuine 1962 classic Chevrolet Impala. Close to 19000 people experienced this display.

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