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Stimorol X-Fresh is an explosive, engaging, multi-sensory gum sensation for a switched-on generation. Tungsten Design where commissioned by Live plus to supply flooring and fabricate bespoke screen plinths for a rather epic campaign, which was rolled out at various venues and events including the Stimorol X-Fresh launch at Shine Studios in Braamfontein and Oppikoppi in Limpopo.

Friends came together to make music by chewing at any of the X-Track activations at locations including V&A Waterfront, Gateway Theatre of Shopping and Oppikoppi Festival in the North West Province. By combining a host of exciting elements, Stimorol X-Fresh new-found fans had the chance to step into custom booths to express the freshness by making music with every chew. The sound is then projected outside the booth so spectators could hear what they where feeling - and it was amazing!

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