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On Wednesday evening the team made there way to The Anatomy Store in Braamfontein for the instillation of the Nike Air Presto Campaign which included a window build, an engage table and two custom picture frames. Part two of the campaign installation was supplying a custom-built dj box for the launch event of the Nike Air Presto in Braamfontein which took place on Thursday afternoon.

The window display looked great, we raised a ‘fake’ ceiling into the roof from which painted strings hung and created a curtain back drop to 4 hanging Nike Air Presto shoes. We also installed a bespoke table within the store comprising of 2d lettering, custom perspex shoe boxes and a housed LCD screen looping content created by Nike. Towards the back of the store in the ‘lounge area’ we hung two picture frames which where built in house. A coffee table was decorated with sweet jars and playing cards and in the change rooms we applied graphic to the mirrors which made for a very unique #AirPrestoSelfie.

With a new campaign around the corner i will be sure to take pics and share them via the blog and our Facebook page. Until then, have a fantastic weekend and remember 'The best way to predict the future is to CREATE it'.

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